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Technical Equipements

Receiver – Based on brand new technologies and supporting HD format, the receivers will provide your high quality broadcast. Esthetic structure, convenient installation and manipulation are main points, that will let you to have pleasure and comfort while consuming our services.

Remote Control – Now, it is much more comfortable and pleasing to control broadcasting from distance due to high sensitivity and aesthetic structure of the device. On the other hand, you will be able to control two different appliances simultaneouslyby using Universal Control feature of the device.

Smart card - which are also known as 'access' or 'smart' cards, are electronic devices that are used to process content from a satellite provider and the smartcard is located inside the satellite receiver. They are one of the most important components for receiving satellite television programming that can be viewed legally. In order to eradicate the theft of satellite programming, users are now required to install these cards in order to access satellite TV programming. Satellite cards instruct receivers on how to decrypt an encrypted satellite signal. Customers of satellite television companies access their satellite service by using these smart cards.

Cam Modul - The CAM is one of the most user-friendly consumer devices for accessing digital broadcast content in the market today. A subscriber can easily start watching scrambled TV content by inserting the CAM in the Common Interface (CI) slot on the back of the TV along with the smart card. There is no need for any additional remote control, Set-Top-Box or extra cabling. The CAM is very suitable for a 2nd or 3rd TV, as well as the main TV. The low power consumption of the CAM ensures a very eco-friendly option to most Set-Top-Boxes